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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Today we celebrate the most important man in Henley & my life!  He is an incredibly loving father and being married to this man is an honor.  To confine us to only one day to celebrate would be a shame, we must back up to last weekend where the birthday celebrations started. 

Tyrone Wells tour stopped in Iowa City last Saturday night at the Mill.  We packed a limo full of band aids and headed out, starting out downtown at White Star for dinner.
The Hahn's
The ladies
My sister Rachel joined in on the fun, attending her very first ever concert (okay, seriously what is wrong with this girl?!)  I think it was only appropriate TWells allowed her to check off an item on her bucket list.  Speaking of firsts, our little Henley girl was at home...with her cousin Jasmine!  My sweet little niece, whom we always joked would one day babysit my kids.  That time had come and I was in complete awe!  The girls had so much fun together, we are always reminded how important our family is to us, but this was really a special moment.  Jasmine, thank you SO much!!

Sunday morning we woke up to Mother's Day! 

Wait, isn't the mommy supposed to be served in bed?!  So funny!

We started the morning off with a yummy brunch casserole then off to pick out our flowers and veggies. I love this yearly tradition, we buy from the same small town nursery and love it.  Brandon was busy planning his garden while Henley was choosing flowers for our pots.
So many options

Big helper

Gardening clothes on and ready to plant

The remainder of the afternoon was spent outdoors with dinner off the grill.  I am so proud when I look at the our sweet, loving and yes defiant little girl, knowing that team Brandon & Monica are doing something very right!  I sure hope she doesn't make me retract that statement in a few years!

Daycare was closed last Tuesday, so Brandon took the day off with Henley. The weather was so warm it allowed an afternoon of pool time! Jealous from my desk at work, I was getting picture updates of their day. 
Once I walked through the door from work, there was no time to spare the excitement of her pool, she dove in without a suit.  Oh well, she was free as a bird surrounded by a privacy fence!

Friday started the weekend off with a pretty huge accomplishment, Brandon passed the Cicerone Servers test!  Fleck has required their management staff to complete and pass this test, bringing their group to an elite level.  Here is an overview of what it all covers

"Cicerone" is pronounced "sis-uh-rohn"
The Cicerone Certification Program seeks to ensure that consumers receive the best possible beer and enjoy its flavors to the greatest extent possible. To facilitate this, those who sell and serve beer need to acquire knowledge in five areas:
Beer Storage, Sales and Service
Beer Styles and Culture
Beer Tasting and Flavors
Brewing Ingredients and Processes
Pairing Beer with Food

A job well done, and no better way to celebrate than with a beer & wine tasting!  Our friends the Whitehead's opened their home last night and it was fabulous.  Good food, good drinks and good company!

So all this celebration has lead us back to today.  We had no plans, the way we like it best, but the day kind of turned into a bit of a challenge.  You see, yesterday Brandon was very busy helping prep for the evening festivities, while Henley and I played outside in the sun.  We were going to lend our patio table and chairs to the Whiteheads for extra seating.  Just as Brandon was returning to pick up the patio set, the wind caught the umbrella, and we are guessing picked up a side of the table which in turn lead to this damage.
Shattered glass everywhere

We were on the hunt to replace this table that we use almost daily.  No such luck so far, but we will keep on hunting.  So here we are, wrapping up the evening with burgers off the grill and some family time.  I should mention, the birthday celebration continues just one more day.  Monday is dedicated to golf in the morning with an afternoon of...well, probably golf!  We love you so much Daddy-O and have had so much fun today celebrating YOU!!
xoxo, your girls

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