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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Operation Big Girl Bed

The thought of when the best time to transition Henley into a big girl bed left us torn.  When we looked at her in her crib, we saw this little girl that felt safe, secure and comfortable.  She never once tried to climb out, although she did prove its sturdiness with all her jumping and free falling - which she still likes to do! There were times we would walk in for a late night kiss and notice that she was starting to look long and possibly a bit scrunched depending on the position she was laying.  So I started browsing the internet in search of the next step up.  Her current crib does convert into a toddler bed, as well as a full size bed, however, we chose to preserve it for baby number two - don't read into that statement, it will be awhile!

I was not far into my searches when Brandon said, "I would like to make Henley's bed."  Although crafty in his own way, he had never made furniture - wait...a coffee table in high school, but we won't count that.  It sounded cool to me, so my next stop was Pinterest!  I found this great instructional website that basically laid it all out.  He seeked the help of our close family friend Dan (our babysitters husband) and off they went with the plans!

We stopped by for a visit as Brandon and Dan we busy playing workshop!  The smell of freshly cut lumber and shavings all over the floor reminded me they had started this special project from the very bottom.  They made a few engineering changes that really strengthen the bed, just in case a monkey were to get jumping.  The assembly of the bed went amazingly quick, I was so impressed with the outcome and so was the girl in shades! 

The bed was then transferred to our garage where Brandon put his sweat into each piece...literally.  The temperatures were over 100 degrees and it was HOT!  He sanded each item down, then primed and eventually finished it off with a nice coat of white paint.

He had put several hours of time, not to mention his heart into this project and it was time to bring it in the house.  As Brandon disassembled the crib, it quickly took us back to the day we had anxiously assembled it.  Different emotions today, but still exciting as I knew we had something special to replace it with.  I couldn't pack it away without capturing the work of Henley's first two teeth.  It's engraved as a reminder that we are so thankful they no longer use lead paint!

Our goal was to convert her room over nap time, but the noise of the power tools couldn't keep her still.  She wanted to be apart of this transformation, so we welcomed her help.  Her excitement could barley be contained as she had talked a lot about this bed her Daddy was making for her.

I was excited to get her bedding washed and placed as I had spent quite a bit of time searching for the perfect duvet to fit what I was looking for.  It was found and I am in love!  Just walking in her room makes me smile, its full of life!

Room for all of her friends either on her headboard or in bed.  It always amazes me how this child can sleep with 2 books, a few snakes, a horse flashlight, several pillows and who knows what has been stashed?!

Operation Big Girl Bed is complete! We walk away with many memories, not to mention a fantastic bed that was built with her Daddy's hands and her heart in mind.  It was built for his Daughter who we hope finds the same amount of joy as we see in her every day!

I am happy to report after two successful nights, our monkey has followed the rules and has stayed in bed!  Each morning we ask her how she slept in her new bed.  
This morning her response was, "I sleep good, I had sweet dreams!"

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